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HVAC Controls Integration

HVAC Controls Integration - 2201 West Plano Parkway - Plano, TX

CSI I/NET an HVAC Controls Integration – 2201 West Plano Parkway – Plano, TX

In late 2019, the team responsible for maintaining the property at 2201 West Plano Parkway recognized they were in a problematic situation. Their legacy CSI I/NET system was beginning to fail, potentially affecting both their HVAC Controls and Access Control systems. The Computrols Dallas team was called in to help assess the situation and develop a comprehensive plan to move forward.  

The first step was to perform an HVAC controls integration by replacing the CSI I/NET software with Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) and integrating with the existing controllers. This allowed the building to eliminate the old Windows XP-based PC from their network and give them enhanced visibility to their existing BAS hardware via the Computrols CSI/TAC INET Integration Solution using the Computrols 8-LX controller.

Next on the list was Access Control. The existing card access controllers were replaced with the Computrols AC3 featuring a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring that the property would never have to pay for a replacement controller again. Existing tenant card data was quickly imported from the old CSI/INET system into CBAS – this step resulted in a speedy and seamless transition from old to new with no downtime for the tenants.

In 2021, a few of the RTUs were replaced. New units were ordered with a BACnet communication option – these were then tied into the existing 8-LXs that were previously installed as part of the CSI I/NET integration project, resulting in no additional hardware costs to the property for this integration.

The summer of 2022 presented a new challenge when several existing CSI I/NET VAV controllers failed. The Computrols Dallas team was brought in again to help plan the best path forward. 

Historically, the only options available for addressing this problem would be to run a new communication trunk or replace the failed controllers with a VAV that communicates via the same communication protocol. The Computrols UNI-C-AP provides a 3rd option that was deemed to be the most viable: WiFi connectivity. 

Members of the Computrols Dallas team installed a new wireless infrastructure throughout the property and retrofitted 4 of the failed VAV controllers.  The site engineers were also trained on the installation process so that they can elect to perform future VAV retrofits themselves if desired.

From the initial integration to the installation of new controllers, Computrols worked with the building staff to ensure a smooth transition and position the building for continued efficient operation in the future.

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