Recovering from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

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Although the tolls of hurricanes Harvey and Irma are still being realized, the recovery has begun. We are happy to report that all of our employees from our Houston branch office are safe, and their homes were preserved despite heavy flooding in the area.

Some of our customers in the Houston and Miami areas were not as fortunate. A handful of their facilities took water and will require substantial efforts to bring back online. Computrols staff has been on the ground to help ensure these buildings return to normal as soon as possible. Houston Branch Manager, Ramon Torres, even continued working during Hurricane Harvey to take care of his customers.

“I evacuated with my family to Sugarland, TX on Monday, because my house is only 6 blocks from the Brazos River, which was expected to crest later in the day. There was nothing for me to do except sit and wait, so I decided to get caught up on some work with a customer who I knew I could reach, despite the flooding” said Torres. “I worked through the day Monday and Tuesday and took off Wednesday to return to my home. The flooding had come within an inch of the slab of my house, but luckily none had made it in.”

Texas St., Houston, TX
Houston during Hurricane Harvey

As recovery efforts will extend into the foreseeable future, we will all continue to keep the residents of East Texas and South Florida in our thoughts and prayers.


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