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George’s CBAS Tips, September 2017


George HingleAs a part of our services, Computrols offers 24/7 phone support to all of our customers. If you have ever taken advantage of this offering, you have likely spoken to our Technical Support Manager, George Hingle. George has been employed by Computrols for over 15 years and is one of our most knowledgeable team members when it comes to troubleshooting in CBAS. As a means of building on our already robust FAQ page, George has agreed to share some common issues he sees in our newsletter each month.

Built in Calculations for Software Points

CalculationsDid you know that there are several calculations, like enthalpy and dew point, built into Computrols Building Automation Software that simply require you to choose existing points like humidity and temperature?
First, add an Analog Input software point to any controller. On the program screen of that point, click Program Calc. then Insert Row. Choose “Set Value of Software Point” then “Calculation” and you will see a list of possibilities (below). Choose one and you will be prompted to select the input points for the calculation.

Removing Points

Note: In order to remove a point, you must be in Editor Mode. It is recommended that you remove any logic, PID, etc. that resides on or is related to the point being deleted.

1. From the Main menu, click Database and click Remove a Point.
2. The list that appears is in the same order as Text View-All Points. Find the point either by scrolling or searching.
Point Selector
3. Select the point and you will be asked twice if you are sure you want to delete the point. If you are sure, answer Yes.
You will no longer see the point in Hardware View or Text View.

Holiday Schedule Tips

Did you know that Holiday Schedules execute from the controller and not the DPU? When you add a holiday to any point in CBAS, it is added to every point that has a schedule programmed. That change then automatically downloads to every controller. It is suggested that on the first of each year, that you change the dates of past holidays rather than creating new holidays to avoid an excessive number of entries.
Holiday Editor

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