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George’s CBAS Tips, October 2019


Did you know that you can simulate your logic programming without having to go into Real Mode or wiring up controllers? This can be really handy, especially when testing central plant operation without having to do it live.

You can do this by using Simulator Mode. I’m sure you know about the other modes:

  • Editor Mode is used for adding controllers and points as well as many other database operations.
  • Real Mode communicates to your controllers, workstations, and CBAS Web.
  • GW Mode allows you to connect as a workstation to the DPU running CBAS in Real Mode.

Simulator Mode simulates Real Mode so that you can test your programming. It is recommended that you don’t make backups, add points or add controllers in Simulator Mode. However, you can create and change logic, schedules, PIDs, etc.

To get to Simulator Mode, close your database by going to Database, Close Database. Once closed, go to Database, Open Database, and choose Simulator Mode.

Once the database is open, you aren’t stuck with the value of your Analog Input points when you were last in Real Mode. The biggest part of Simulator Mode that helps you test your logic is that you can force the value of an input point. Without this feature, you would only be able to adjust setpoints to make your logic work.

To see this, click something like a Space Temperature point, and you will see a Program Screen with an extra button as shown in the following picture.

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Click Simulate Input and enter a value within the range. Then you can watch your output points that have logic compensate for the temperature change without changing the setpoint. If it’s not working as you planned, then go into the logic and make changes until you get it right.

In older CBAS versions up through version 14, you were required to choose a controller to simulate and you could only do one at a time. If you had logic that included points from other Controllers, you would have to add software points to simulate the points that weren’t on that controller.

As of CBAS15, CBAS was changed to have the resources to simulate the entire database. So have at it!

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