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George’s CBAS Tips, May 2019


Updated for CBAS 20!

Did you know that you can set up groups of users in CBAS that have the same rights as individual users?

To add users and groups in CBAS, go to System, then Program Passwords and you will see the user list:

It’s good practice to create a user and password for everyone who will be using CBAS. Typically, your most experienced users will have rights to view, command, and program nearly everything in the system. Meanwhile, security users might only have rights to see Activity View and acknowledge alarms, but must log in to do so. You might also have less experienced engineers who are only allowed to view data in the system without the ability to command points or make changes to programming.  


Click the Insert button, move your cursor down to the list and you will see a red line. That is where your new Users will be inserted. So once you have it in the correct spot, left-click and the User Editor will open.

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In the top right, enter the Username, Password, and First/Last name (optional). On the left, you see categories of access that can be given to the user by checking the boxes. This section disappears if you make the user a member of a group by checking the box and selecting a group from the dropdown list in the group section.

If not a member of a group, you can limit the individual points that the user can view, command, program, or receive alarms from by clicking the Points Restrictions button. You can also limit what graphics pages the user can view under the Graphics Restrictions button. You can also give or remove all rights for the user by clicking the appropriate buttons.


Through the Edits Groups screen, all of the above user permission settings can be found on the Group rights screen except for the Username and Password. Just give the Group a name and set up its rights. Then go back to the Users List and click Edit, then click a User and add that user to the Group.

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