George’s CBAS Tips, June 2022


Binary Status Summary

Last month I talked about another one of the Summaries that are available on the Text View Menu, which is now called the Text menu in CBAS20. The article was about what “Units” are and how to change Units on your Points. Then, how to use the Summary to find all points that have a particular named Unit.

Continuing down the list on the Text Menu, I’ll go through Binary Status Summary.

Binary Status Summary is a lot like the Units Summary, in that the Binary Units are displayed on the list that you see when you click the Summary menu item. 

But the Binary Units on the Units Summary are both the On and Off versions of the Binary Points, so that when you choose one, you get points that are both On and Off, Alarm and Normal or whatever the case may be. With the Binary Status Summary you can choose one of the 2 and get all points that have that current status, like all of the points that are Alarm or all that are Normal. You might notice that they are in pairs with the On followed by the Off.

Create New Binary Units

In the last article, I mentioned how to create Units for Binary and Analog Points. With Binary, you are required to type in 2 Units that correspond to the On and Off States of the binary. You will see that there are many Binary States already on the list. If your Binary point states are reversed, you can create units that are opposite. 

Note that the units relate to Relay On and Relay Off. Click a binary point from the list and click Program. At the bottom of the Point Program screen you will see the following or something similar.

To choose or create new Binary Units, or States, click one of the Units and you will see the Program Binary Output Units screen. Right-click then click Create on the top menu and you will see the following:

The process is exactly the same for Binary Inputs and Outputs. When you click Create you see a field for Relay On and Relay Off. Type in your new Units and right-click to save. You will see them at the end of the list. Click Select then select the new units.

If you find out that a binary input or output are wired backwards and you can’t get back to change the wiring, there is a solution on this screen. In most cases you can click the Switch Contacts button and Relay On and Relay Off will reverse. You may also have to reverse the Units.

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