George’s CBAS Tips, July 2022

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Text View: Program and Disabled Summaries

In Text View, there are two filter options that can help you better understand how points are configured in your database, Program Summary and Disabled Summary. These filters can be used to see what points in your CBAS database have certain features programmed. By using these filters you can quickly see a summary of points that contain Logic Programming, Schedules, Alarms, as well as other features. The Disabled Summary tells you which of the automation features has been disabled, perhaps while troubleshooting an issue or as a temporary means of override.

To navigate to these filters close whatever View you are in and click Text on the Main Menu, then Program Summary and you will see the following.

In the submenu, select an item to see all Points that have that particular function or feature programmed.  For example, selecting Alarm will display a list of all Points that have an Alarm configured. If you are unclear as to what Points have Alarms configured, this feature can come in handy. 

Another useful feature is the Disabled Summary, which is the Menu item below Program Summary. This filter will display a list of points with the selected item programmed, but disabled.

There may be a good reason for disabling, so don’t assume that you should just re-enable it. A piece of equipment might be disabled because a floor or suite is unoccupied or the AHU is undergoing service.

Click one of the menu items to see all the functions that are disabled. Below is an example of a Point Program screen that has Logic and PID disabled but no Alarm setup.                     

To re-enable, select the box labeled Disabled and it will toggle to Enabled. 


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