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George’s CBAS Tips, February 2020


Add or Change Point Type

Did you know that you can now use 10K Type II temperature sensors in addition to 10K Type III in CBAS? This means that if Type II sensors are in place when retrofitting controllers at a site, you don’t have to change them.

The use of Type II is limited to the LX line of controllers. You must have a CBAS19 version and LX firmware dated January 15, 2020 or later for this to work.

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To use Type II sensors in CBAS you first add a regular DegF point to an LX controller in Hardware View.  Click the point then click Program to see the program screen. In the bottom right you will see the MORE button. If you don’t see the MORE button, log on as a user that has full rights, like the Computrols user.

Click the MORE button and in that screen there is a Change Point Type button. Click it and you will be asked a series of questions which you will answer No to until the fourth question: 

Do you want to change the point from a 10K Type III sensor to a 10K Type II Model 24 temperature sensor?”. Answer Yes. When you go back to Real Mode, erase the database on the controller so that the change will download. That’s all there is to it!

In the first 3 questions, you can also change the point type from a 10K Type III Degrees Fahrenheit to Degrees Centigrade. The second question asks if you want to change it to a Voltage Input and the third question is to change to an Ohms input.

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