George’s CBAS Tips, August 2020


How to use the Notepad Feature

Did you know that you can add notes to any Point, Channel or Controller in the database and have those notes displayed first whenever you click one of those items? This is true in Text View, Hardware View or Graphics View (if the point is configured as clickable). 

To create Notepad entries, select the Point, Channel, or Controller and click the Note Pad button.

This is the point window
This is the channel window
This is the controller window

For Input Points, you will click Create Notepad in the Point Program Screen.

Enter the text you want users to see – if desired, check the optional box in the bottom right “Check to display the note pad screen first each time this point is selected” to have the Notepad entry shown first whenever a user clicks on the point.

Notepad entries can also be a convenient way to store information such as belt and filter part numbers, service interval information, or unit alarm code explanations. Notepad entries are included in database backups and quickly referenced in Point Programming and other system reports.

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