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Computrols Critical Facility Compliance Module

Hospitals & HealthcareComputrols Critical Facility Compliance Module is an optional software component that is added to a standard CBAS license. The Critical Facility Compliance Module is intended to assist managers of hospitals, data centers, laboratories, and other critical facilities in complying with Critical Facility Compliance requirements. This CBAS module not only provides official record keeping of building operations in critical areas but also assists facility managers in ensuring that building staff take appropriate action in response to critical events in a timely manner.

Data Centers
With the Critical Facility Compliance Module, on-site engineering staff can utilize a Critical Alarm Terminal to monitor Critical Alarms, while Critical Alarm Notations are used to document all actions taken. Furthermore, a programmable system of Critical Alarm Escalations keeps off-site supervisory staff aware of all actions/inactions of on-site staff. Notification and Escalations are fully programmable as per client requirements. And finally, the Critical Facility Compliance Module completes the cycle by offering a collection of related reports that allows management to monitor and report on compliance.

LaboratoryBelow is a summary of the components included in the Critical Facility Compliance Module:

Service Status – A point condition that allows users to take critical points in and out of service and show Out-of-Service as the critical points’ status where appropriate.

Critical Alarm Points – A CBAS point that is treated separately from other points in CBAS for Critical Facility Compliance.

Critical Alarm Terminal (CAT) – Software for one or more dedicated terminals that provide a central location where on-site staff can monitor and react to critical alarms.

Critical Alarm Activity Screen – A live reporting screen on the CAT that shows all ACTIVE critical alarms and associated activity.

Critical Alarm Notations – A system that allows users to enter and log Alarm Notations. It is designed specifically to document all actions taken in regards to critical alarms.

Critical Events / Event Queue – An internal queue for scheduling Critical Events (Notation Timeouts and Escalations).

Notation Timeouts – A per-point programmable Critical Event that triggers if a Notation is not entered within a specific time period.

Critical Alarm Escalation – A per-point programmable Critical Event that contacts supervisory staff. Escalations can be programmed on points and events using specified timing in a redundant and layered way to ensure resolution of all critical events.

Critical Alarm Reporting – A collection of reports that can be auto-generated and emailed at regular intervals for easy compliance.

Computrols building automation system already sets the standard for building automation in critical facilities. Now, the Critical Facility Compliance Module provides the perfect application-specific tool to make the job of complying with Critical Facility Compliance standards easy.