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Computrols Programming Compared to Siemens PPCL


At Computrols, we often tout the simplicity aspect of our system as one of our top-selling features. Our experience has been that our platform’s simplicity becomes abundantly clear when compared to other platforms side-by-side. Computrols has and continues to believe that Building Automation does not have to be complicated – our competitors tend to complicate these systems as a byproduct of their primary focus being business initiatives. Delivering quality products and a simplistic user experience are at the forefront of everything we do. The result is an intuitive yet robust platform that empowers the end user to take as much or as little control as appropriate for their facility.

The examples below compare CBAS (Computrols Building Automation Software) to Siemens PPCL (Powers Programming Control Language). We believe these examples highlight our expression, “Building Automation Simplified.”

Calculate Enthalpy – PPCL

image 5

Calculate Enthalpy – CBAS

image 6

Binary Status Alarm – PPCL

image 7

Binary Status Alarm – CBAS

image 8

Filter Alarm with delays – PPCL

image 9

Filter Alarm with delays – CBAS

image 10

PID Control – PPCL

image 11

PID Control – CBAS

image 12

Reset Schedule – PPCL

image 13

Reset Schedule – CBAS

image 14

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