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Computrols Partners with Precision Mechanical

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Sean McDermott is one of the co-founders of Precision Mechanical Services, LLC which was started back in 2007. When they started the company, their focus was on refrigeration and HVAC services, which also included construction services. This included repair and replacement of steam systems and hydronic systems. Their work was concentrated in hospitals and pharmaceuticals.

Sean and his co-founder Ray Flanagan started to search for additional revenue streams that would add consistent growth to the company. This is how they discovered Computrols.

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Sean McDermott
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Ray Flanagan

Recalling an email from our Director of Marketing, Scott Holstein, Sean explains: “Normally I would just delete these types of emails, but there was something about the way Computrols was presented that caught my interest as I didn’t want to run with any of the giants of the industry. I was looking for a different approach, one in-line with our own company values. So I reached out to Scott and the rest is history.”

Precision Mechanical Services, LLC is already in the process of installing its first Computrols system at Franklin Towne Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. An existing building automation system had reached a point where no support or maintenance parts were available and the customer was looking at an excessive price to “upgrade” the system. It’s a familiar story here at Computrols and we are happy to offer solutions to companies like Precision Mechanical Services, LLC that want to do right by their customers. Like Computrols, Precision Mechanical Services, LLC not only wants to provide exceptional customer service but also wants to empower its customers by giving them complete control of their system. In this particular project, they will accomplish this through Computrols unique integration solutions, allowing their customer to keep much of their existing infrastructure and eliminating the need of any potential  maintenance agreement.

Sean adds, “Time and time again we would hear our customers complain that they felt trapped. Any little thing they needed, whether it was maintenance, training, or small upgrades would result in them receiving a hefty bill. Finally, we have a solution with Computrols that doesn’t nickel and dime the customer and gives them complete control over their system.”

Sean is excited to add HVAC controls to his company’s portfolio of products and services and is looking forward to growing the controls arm of Precision Mechanical Services, LLC. Computrols access control and tenant overtime systems also offer Precision additional revenue opportunities.

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Computrols Director of Strategic Partnerships, Mike Clayton said of the Precision Mechanical Services, LLC new partnership, “We are delighted to be able to partner with Sean and his excellent team up in Philadelphia . They have an excellent reputation with their customers and their commitment to their own employees is exceptional. We are excited to be working with them and are ecstatic that they have been able to secure their first install so quickly.”

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