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Computrols Partners with Allied Plumbing, Air and Electric


Computrols, a leading US manufacturer of Building Automation Systems and DDC controllers is excited to announce our latest Authorized Distribution Partner – Allied Plumbing, Air and Electric

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Allied Plumbing, Air and Electric started in Springdale, Arkansas as a family business 35 years ago and about 3 years ago, they acquired a local HVAC company as a means of expanding their portfolio of services to their customers. According to Shaun Penny, Director of Sales and Business Development for Allied, they were looking to offer a more complete “curb to back fence” solution set. Shaun explains, “We were getting asked (a lot) about HVAC services within our commercial client base. This drove our decision to buy a local company to get a head start in that sector.”

Now with over 50 employees, Allied Plumbing, Air, and Electric serves all of Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma and is looking to further their recent commercial HVAC success by adding HVAC controls to their line card.

According to Shaun, “We quickly discovered that the ‘remove and replace’ approach was a large part of this industry. All too often customers were coming to us with their hands tied by their existing supplier who had either abandoned or obsoleted their controls line. This left customers with no other option but to start from scratch, which was prohibitively expensive for most of them.”

Penny went on, “I hired Mike, who was an expert in controls systems. His ethos was ‘in order to offer excellent service, you need excellent controls’. He persuaded me to hire the best control technician in the state, who, as it turned out, was a Niagara specialist. Yet what he said surprised me… if you want the best controllers in terms of ease of maintenance and a true lifetime guarantee, there is only one option – Computrols.”

Shaun recounted, “I had a ‘lightbulb moment’ when I realized that their lifetime warranty is not only genuine but their controllers have forward and backward compatibility. You can’t have one without the other in my book. That and Computrol’s belief that empowering the end-user really fit exactly with our own belief system.”

“It was Computrols openness, simplicity, and transparency” that set them apart, according to Shaun. There has been a real shift in customers’ perception in recent years in wanting more control and transparency. Seeing the simplicity of the programming in Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS)“revelation”.

Shaun concluded by saying, “Pride is giving others a false sense of job security. By offering Computrols, not only can we integrate with the vast majority of third-party systems, but we are able to free our customers from the ties that have bound them for so long. This partnership is going to enable us to truly give our customers the service, transparency, and simplicity that is winning us new business every single day”

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Comment from Computrols

Mike Clayton, the Manager for Strategic Partnerships at Computrols added, “We are delighted that Allied has joined us as a valued Distribution Partner. With such a large team and an impressive growth plan for the future, we are happy to be able to assist in playing a major role in those plans.”

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