CBAS Training This Month

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This June we will be conducting our second CBAS Level I Training session of the year. The training will be held June 27-29 just outside of New Orleans, LA, home of Computrols corporate headquarters.

The training will be conducted by our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Mike Clayton, with assistance from Technical Support Manager, George Hingle, and others. Clayton and Hingle have both been with Computrols for 15+ years and bring a multitude of experience and insights to the training.

Attendees will learn everything from the basics of how to navigate Computrols Building Automation Software to how to wire, address, and program a VAV controller. The training will also include a tour of the corporate headquarters and a meet and greet with Computrols internal operations team. The last day will conclude with a “CBAS Shootout” in which trainees will compete head-to-head as they are challenged with a unique CBAS programming task.

Below, you’ll find a tentative itinerary for the training. If you would like to attend, please contact your Computrols representative or dial 504-529-1413.
CBAS Level I Training Itinerary


About Scott Holstein

Scott Holstein is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Computrols where he began working in early 2016. Holstein has since entrenched himself in the building automation industry and has written articles for the Computrols blog, ControlTrends, and and spoken at a number of industry events. Some of his specialties outside of sales and marketing include new technology trends in smart buildings, energy efficiency strategies, and the internet of things.