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CBAS Power User: Claudio De La Cruz – Chief Engineer with Stiles, FL


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have been working in commercial high-rise buildings since 1992 at all levels of Building Engineering. I am currently the Chief Engineer at a 14-story Commercial Real-Estate Class A office building. I have worked with all types of Energy Management Systems. Honestly, the best and easiest to work with is Computrols.

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How long have you been using CBAS?

Since 2004 but prior to that time I had a close friend that worked in a commercial high rise on Brickell Avenue in Miami that had the system since 1995. I went to work in that building in 2004 and was there while the system was being upgraded

What are your favorite features in CBAS and why?

Being able to see what any of the PIDs and VAV Boxes are doing at any time I want to. As well as dialing in and being able to work with it from anywhere in the world.

What have you been able to accomplish using CBAS?

Improved comfort levels for tenants and stopping bogus calls. 

What kind of impact has CBAS had on your building from an energy consumption and/or operational standpoint?

The energy consumption has been reduced. Also on the operational side, it has become very functional as far as keeping areas at ideal comfort levels.

Are your employees more engaged with the system?

Yes, they are, and they enjoy the ease of using the system.

What do you see in the future of building automation?

Real-time metering and being able to see what we are spending in real-time.

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