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Williams Tower

Project Type:

HVAC Controls Integration


Houston, TX





Sq Ft:

1.4 Million


In 2014, the building automation system at Williams Tower consisted of older Powers controllers, newer Siemens controllers, and Siemens front-end software. By 2014, the facility’s management team had become frustrated due to the fact that they were completely dependent on contractors to operate the system and constantly having to “upgrade” controllers.

Among the many issues they had, the engineering staff had a plan to convert the typical floor’s mechanical system to a more efficient and modern design, however, the control system never worked according to the design causing hot and cold calls that persisted for years.


At this time, Computrols was brought in to interface directly to the existing Siemens hardware, leaving much of the current infrastructure in place. Computrols replaced the Siemens front-end software with Computrols Building Automation Software and many of the parent-level controllers with its flagship X-line controllers.

They also replaced the air handler controls, interfaced directly with the existing VAV controllers on the floor, and made the mechanical system work as designed. The hot and cold calls ceased and property management began reaping the energy-saving benefits of this more efficient design. 

Technicians redesigned the hot water control strategy and not only did they eliminate the ongoing problems, but the new design allowed them to produce the required hot water with just two boilers, instead of the three which were required previously.


This custom solution provided the latest in BAS technology, while interfacing with the existing controllers reduced costs, downtime, and tenant inconvenience. The building’s property management team allotted two years for the project, but Computrols proposed an expedited nine-month timeline. In the end, Computrols’ technicians completed the project in less than six months.

Since the time of the initial integration project, Computrols has been retrofitting approximately fourteen floors per year with its lifetime warranty HVAC controls. With the entire facility completely retrofitted with Computrols controllers, Williams Tower tenants have enjoyed a more comfortable, energy-efficient environment for nearly five years. The facility’s engineering staff has also become self-sufficient in operating Computrols Building Automation Software which has enabled them to adjust sequences and operate the building as they see fit.