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Lincoln Center

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HVAC Controls Integration


San Antonio, TX





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The Lincoln Center property was originally constructed in 1984 and was outfitted with a Berber Colman building automation system. Since then, there were Micronet controllers added to the system. This line of controllers communicates the LonWorks protocol. At this time, the system was being run by a Schneider Electric head end software. As the older Barber Colman and Micronet controllers began to fail, the facility management team turned to their current vendor for a progressive solution that would allow them to get the most out of their existing infrastructure. Their service partner told them they could no longer support the current system, and they needed to complete a full DDC upgrade.


In 2015, the building’s management group came to Computrols having heard about their unique ability to integrate with legacy building automation systems. Although the existing system utilized two different protocols, one of which was proprietary in nature, Computrols came in and integrated with the existing Barber Colman and Micronet controllers. Technicians did so by replacing the two Schneider Electric UNC controllers with Computrols flagship X-line controllers and replacing the Schneider Electric head end with the intuitive Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS).


The facilities team at the Lincoln Center now has a system they can manage through Computrols state-of-the-art CBAS software and web interface. They also no longer have the ongoing expense of a service contract and are able to utilize their current controllers until they fail. At the time an existing controller fails, it is replaced with a Computrols lifetime warranty controller.