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International Plaza

Project Type:

HVAC Controls Retrofit


Dallas, TX




Building I - 13 Stories | Building II - 15 Stories

Sq Ft:

Building I - 376,558 sq ft | Building II - 388,432 sq ft


Prior to March of 2018, International Plaza Buildings I & II had been occupied by a single tenant for nearly 2 decades. These buildings were utilizing what had been deemed at that time to be an obsolete Alerton controls system. Around this time, the buildings were sold to a new ownership group that was set on upgrading these properties from a technology standpoint. With both buildings vacant, this was an ideal time for retrofitting the controls system ahead of leasing the spaces to new tenants.


In the process of finding a service partner for this project, the buildings’ facilities team proposed the idea of keeping a large part of the installation in-house in order to reduce the cost of this undertaking. Of the bidding vendors, Computrols was the only one to agree to the team’s self-installation approach. Not only had Computrols done this previously with other customers but had also encouraged their customers to become such self-performers by providing an intuitive solution. The plan would be for the buildings’ engineers to work alongside the Computrols technicians as they installed the first floor of controllers in Building I and for them to subsequently take over the install process from there.


The project began in 2019 when Computrols technicians began training the engineering team on how to install and program the new automation system. By December, Building 1 was complete and the in-house engineering team had become experts on installing, programming, and troubleshooting the Computrols system. In February of 2020, the team began working on Building II and as of November of that year, had completed 9 of the 15 floors. In all, it is estimated that the property has saved over one million dollars in labor costs by completing the installation with its in-house staff.