790 Montclair

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Building Automation Controls Install


Birmingham, AL



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Originally built as a medical office building and essentially abandoned, this facility was purchased in December 2018 by new ownership who had the vision to upgrade and update the structure and get it fully leased. With no central control system, the building’s HVAC was running 24/7/365 and was primarily responsible for an excessive monthly energy bill. To make matters more complicated, the largest tenant, that occupied 60% of the building, operated a sleep clinic where patients came in after hours and slept overnight.


With half of the building leased, renovations began in July of 2019. Computrols retrofitted all VAVs and fan-powered boxes and interfaced with 7 new mini-split systems that were installed in the sleep rooms. Computrols also installed meters on these split systems to monitor energy consumption and bill back the tenant.


When the system went live in November 2019 the energy bills dropped by over 40% almost immediately. Computrols technicians further dialed-in the system and by February of 2020, the bill had gone down another 20% year over year, generating significant monthly savings. As of July 2020, the building is completely occupied, and energy bills are down 60% year over year, saving the building owners over $60,000.