2020 Distribution Partner Summit Recap

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Although we typically love hosting our Distribution Partners at our New Orleans-based headquarters and manufacturing facility, the circumstances around us dictated that we move our Annual Distribution Partner Summit to a virtual environment this year. Since we didn’t get the opportunity to take our partners out to dinner and on an excursion this year, we sent them some customized snack baskets for them to chew on while we kept them entertained on their screens.

This year, like previous years, our team shared what new products we have coming in 2021 and updates we’ve made to some of our existing solutions. The feedback from our partner network was overwhelmingly positive and invaluable as always.

We discussed ideas they might approach their customers with to help mitigate virus transmission in their properties. We also moderated a COVID-19 roundtable amongst our partners and got responses on how the pandemic has been affecting their businesses, what pivots they have made, and how Computrols can help.

One of the most popular sessions of the two-day event was the sales and marketing presentation going over what resources we make available to our distribution partner network. In this section of the summit, we also introduced our newest member of the marketing team Simon Berry, who gave a brief presentation on how our partners could more effectively utilize LinkedIn as a sales tool.

Overall, we were very pleased with what we were able to deliver at this event, however, the one on one conversations and the ability for our partners to network together was sorely missed. We look forward to getting this incredible group of people back to New Orleans in 2021 and potentially adding a virtual element to next year’s summit as well.


About Scott Holstein

Scott Holstein is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Computrols where he began working in early 2016. Holstein has since entrenched himself in the building automation industry and has written articles for the Computrols blog, ControlTrends, and AutomatedBuildings.com and spoken at a number of industry events. Some of his specialties outside of sales and marketing include new technology trends in smart buildings, energy efficiency strategies, and the internet of things.