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2016 Distribution Partner of the Year: Williams Mechanical


Computrols is proud to announce Williams Mechanical of Jonesboro, Arkansas as its 2016 Distribution Partner of the Year. Williams Mechanical installs and services HVAC equipment, building automation controls, and fire alarm systems. The growing company opened a new office in Little Rock this past year and has been partnered with Computrols for 9 years with no end in sight. Continue reading 2016 Distribution Partner of the Year: Williams Mechanical


Understanding Software Point Types

Point TypesWhen you add a software point to a controller, you have to choose from a long list of point types.

In this list, some of the more obvious point types are not shown because the list is scrolled to the bottom. Here’s a brief explanation of the point types on the list.

Analog Types

Analog Output: Some of the most obvious point types are Analog Output (Setpoint) or (Reset Schedule), which are actually the same point type. Continue reading Understanding Software Point Types