Rob Ratliff
Vice President
Air Technical Services
Memphis, TN

HVAC Controls, Computrols Building Automation Software

“Plain and simple, we have never had an unsatisfied customer. They choose Computrols because of the openness of the software and how easy it is to use. They never truly believe the lifetime warranty until they get to take advantage of it. I had one customer that could not believe that after 10 years when he had a point go out on a board, that (Computrols) provided a new board without any hesitation or additional cost. His experience before Computrols was with Legacy systems. As he said, ‘I was used to guarantees, but they always had an excuse to charge me later.’

“My customers love how fast you can replace a control board and the fact that they can use generic sensors and input devices with standard ranges. I like how fast my new technicians are able to learn how to program, install and troubleshoot problems. Before we started using Computrols, it would take me two to three times as long to train my guys on other systems we were installing.

“Computrols has been a great fit for us and our customers!”