Curtis Thompson
Chief Engineer
Griffin Partners
San Antonio, TX

HVAC Controls, Computrols Building Automation Software

Hello, my name is Curtis Thompson. I am with Griffin Partners, Northwest Center, San Antonio, Texas. I’d just like to say a few words about the Computrols’ system. Before we had this system installed, we had Johnson Controls. I had a hard time with that system as far as being able to edit anything, as far as being able to change anything…I had to make service calls do to the system being locked, chillers failing, air handlers failing.

Ever since we have had the Computrols system installed, the team with Computrols extended the time to write all of the necessary programming, tested all of the programming. Going on 5 years with the Computrols system installed, my energy bills have lowered dramatically. I have no more chiller problems, as far as start stopping or anything like that… air handlers, static set points, anything like that. Computrols system is really easy to work with.

Ed Rodriguez, Ray… those guys have made sure that I have been taken care of. I had a computer fail on me about 6 months ago. The next day I had a computer, I had a computer on my desk with the system already on it. That just goes to show you a little bit about how dedicated these guys are and that they really do care about your business. Thank you.