Oil & Gas Company


Oil & Gas Company


600 North Dairy Ashford
Houston, TX 77079

Technical Details

3 Stories, Campus-Style Complex, 1,200,000 ft2

Project Type

HVAC Control, Fire & Life Safety, Lighting Control

Controls Contractor



Wanted a simple BAS that their internal team could operate.

Decision Drivers

Dependence on 3rd party technicians to manage the HVAC and fire systems.

Installation Date

1998, 2003, 2007, 2013

600 North Dairy Ashford is situated in the energy corridor of Houston, TX where a campus of 16 buildings sits on approximately 62 acres. The buildings are each 3 stories tall and total over 1.2 million square feet.

In 1998, the facilities team at this location was in search of a building automation system that would give them a simple to use interface for their facilities team and better control over their HVAC system. Computrols presented a solution that would allow them to utilize their existing infrastructure and still give them the control they were looking for.

Initially, Computrols only took control of the mechanical rooms, utilizing its DDC-3 Controllers to control chill water valves, start/stop, and temperature reset. As the facilities team saw how simple it was to leverage Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS), Computrols was asked to slowly take over the campus, starting with the buildings that were having the most issues.

Soon after, the facilities team approached Computrols about an issue they were having with their lighting control system. They had General Electric lighting control panels that were beginning to fail, and GE wanted them to “upgrade” all of the components of the system even though many of them were still functional. All of the bidders on this project recommended the same “rip and replace” option, while Computrols took a different approach. Computrols began the process of developing a solution by sending members of the research and development team out to assess the situation. It was determined that they could create custom brain boards that would work in place of the GE boards and the lighting control could be shifted to CBAS. This solution kept all of the other components in place and functional for the customer, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Having established itself as an exceptional service partner, Computrols was chosen to replace the facility’s fire and life safety system in 2003. This project was completed in two major phases. The first phase included replacing the Edwards fire alarm control panels with FCI panels.

The Computrols team went building by building, doing all of their work after hours and over weekends in order to avoid disturbing the workforce in these buildings. Once each building had been prepped with wiring, pipework, enclosures, electrical boxes, etc., the team would take over the Edwards system. This process included installing/replacing initiation and notification devices and running the system on a temporarily installed FCI panel until it was determined that it was completely functional. Only after this was accomplished would they take out the old Edwards panel and replace it with an FCI panel.

The second phase of this project constituted Computrols taking over the annunciator panels that were responsible for the speakers, messaging system, and firemans phones. In this portion of the project, Computrols replaced the existing equipment with an Evax system. This installation was also completed after hours and over weekends.

Upon completion of the fire and life safety system upgrade, the facility managers had a system they felt comfortable with to ensure the safety of their property and building occupants.

When Computrols launched its flagship X-line Controllers, the facilities team at this location decided to upgrade to the new technology because it would give them more flexibility with their HVAC control. Rather than ripping out and replacing the whole system, Computrols was able to simply replace their DDC-3s with 32X Controllers and resume normal operations. To make the upgrade even more enticing, Computrols bought back its old DDC-3 controllers and the customer only paid the difference for the new X-lines.

In 2006, Computrols replaced the existing overtime air and lighting system, which had historically required tenants to schedule overtime services by calling into a phone line. Computrols’ CBAS Web gave tenants a user-friendly web portal from which they could easily and more accurately schedule their overtime lighting and air conditioning.

Most recently, Computrols replaced the FCI fire panels with their lifetime warranty CSimon panels in 2013. They also replaced all of the existing initiating devices as FCI had discontinued many of their previous products. All of this work was executed after hours for minimal disturbance to the tenants in these buildings.

Over the last two decades, Computrols and the facility management team at this location have continued to develop a mutually beneficial partnership as Computrols continually added on to the building automation system. This relationship has lead to this facility offering its a occupants a safer, more comfortable, energy efficient environment.