601 Travis


601 Travis


601 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002

Technical Details

20 story, 452,000 ft2

Project Type

New Installation » Integration

Controls Contractor



To offer a complete building automation system compatible with existing systems, providing greater efficiency and newer technology.

Decision Drivers

To have the flexibility to control the building automation system in-house and generate customized sequences to make the building more energy efficient.

Installation Date


Completed in 1982 and renovated in 2011, 601 Travis is a 20-story, 452,773 square foot building that sits in downtown Houston, TX.

601 Travis was originally equipped with a Johnson Controls building automation system, which remained in place until 2014. At this time, management became frustrated with the system. They were not able to control the building to their standards and service technicians were not capable of making the necessary changes to remedy their issues.

In 2014, they allocated budget for new plant controls and started working with Computrols. Computrols was able to replace the plant controls, provide a new CBAS head end computer, and interface to the existing Johnson Controls’ controllers throughout the building, effectively replacing the entire control system all within the central plant budget. With Computrols building automation system, engineers now have complete control of their HVAC system.

As one example, Computrols’ system has allowed them to bypass the “canned” software in the Johnson Controls UNT controllers and replace it with a customized control solution for the air handlers. The new sequence of operations being used on the floors was not possible with the Johnson Controls system.

As another example, CBAS interfaces directly to the Carrier chillers using the chiller communication protocol. This allows CBAS to execute custom plant sequences that optimize plant operations.

With some additional training, the engineers at 601 Travis now have the ability to write sequences and service their own BAS.