4000 MacArthur Case Study


4000 MacArthur


4000 MacArthur Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Technical Details

2 ten-story buildings,
375,000 sq. ft.

Project Type

Siemens Integration

Controls Contractor



Bring in data from current points to better control HVAC and reduce energy consumption.

Decision Drivers

20 – 30 hot/cold calls per day from tenants.

Lack of control and ability to save energy.

Installation Date

August 2016

4000 MacArthur is a Class A office facility located in Newport Beach, CA. The facility consists of two, ten-story buildings totaling 375,000 rentable square feet, situated within the 179-acre Koll Center at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Jamboree Road.

Before Computrols started the project, the building’s owner was frustrated with the lack of control they had over the current building automation system. Despite having a service contract, the building was still running inefficiently. Providing a comfortable and healthy working environment had become a daily challenge due to the lack of the data and histories provided by the existing system. Subsequently, the building engineers were receiving between 20 and 30 hot/cold calls per day from tenants.

Rather than replacing the system in its entirety and starting from scratch, Computrols integrated to the existing system utilizing our flagship Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) and X-line controllers. This integration solution enabled Computrols to communicate to the existing proprietary controllers.

Unlike other building automation systems, the Computrols platform automatically polls all points at all times providing continuous real-time data. More importantly, the system saves this data so that it can always be referenced. This level of resolution provides invaluable feedback to the building operators. Operators can utilize this data to develop strategies that optimize building functions making for an efficient, healthy, and comfortable working environment.

The Computrols team that completed the project did not simply install the system and leave; they arrived early and stayed late nearly every day in order to gain a better understanding of the building’s operations at different times of day. The team completely reprogrammed and recommissioned both buildings. As a part of the reprogramming process, the team collaborated with building operators to utilize the insight that was gained through the recommissioning and install process to optimize building operations. Based on the savings already achieved through reducing the property’s energy consumption, Computrols expects a payback period of less than 3 months.

Even before the system being completely installed, the building’s engineering team saw savings based on control strategies implemented by the Computrols team. They also saw their hot and cold calls practically eliminated.

The engineering team has since made optimizations themselves, enabled by the simplicity of CBAS and the sheer number of data points they now have access to. The team is now trending data and seeing real-time results.