Computrols is a

We continually:

  • Research emerging technologies for their potential use in building automation.
  • Develop products that leverage existing technologies
  • Improve product quality through iterative feedback and redesign

Here are a few examples of Computrols innovations:

  • We were the first to use PC’s for large building automation systems
  • We were the first to use TCP/IP network connections at the controller level
  • When the industry moved toward individual Direct Digital Control (DDC) controllers, we took it a step further to incorporate a unified database and protocol interface for Distributed Direct Digital Control (DDDC). Users simply program all logic for a building from a single computer, never worrying about point location or the distribution of programming to controllers. This can be done off-line, at home. Once plugged into a new network, the distribution of programming is handled for you. This technology is pervasive in all of Computrols products.