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Computrols Announces Building Technology Podcast

This October, Computrols will begin broadcasting its very own podcast covering technology we find in today’s “smart buildings.” The conversations will expand far beyond just building automation as we aim to keep our listeners informed on all things digital in facilities management. The episodes will last approximately 30 minutes and will primarily be hosted by Scott Holstein, Compturols’ Marketing Manager. We’ll invite third-party and in-house subject matter experts to share their expertise and bring a new perspectives. If you have topic suggestions or would like to be featured on our podcast, please email us at .

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Why Facility Managers Cannot Afford to Ignore New BAS Technology

A Foundation for Technology Growth

Gordon MooreIn 1965, Gordon Moore was asked to predict the future of the semiconductor components industry by Electronics Magazine. As the Director of R&D for Fairchild Semiconductor at the time, Moore surmised that the number of transistors per square inch on a densely integrated circuit would double every year. In layman’s terms, Moore predicted that computing power would increase exponentially while components would shrink without sacrificing performance or functionality. This insight became known as Moore’s Law, and it’s laid the groundwork for countless innovations in computer science and, more broadly, modern technology. Continue reading Why Facility Managers Cannot Afford to Ignore New BAS Technology