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Drew Mire

Why We Design and Manufacture in the U.S.

Whenever patriotic holidays like Independence Day come along each year, I feel so much pride in the fact that we design and manufacture our products in the United States of America. This month, we also celebrated “Made In America” Week from July 14th to July 20th. All week, the White

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Computrols Staff

When Did American Companies Stop Putting America First?

Despite a political climate that is pushing towards bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, many Fortune 100 companies continue to do their business elsewhere to avoid higher employee wages and U.S. taxes. While this continues to be the case, U.S.-based manufacturers are forced to compete on, what some would consider,

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The Computrols Difference

Simply put, Computrols provides the most economical-to-own building automation solution on the market today. We empower our users by providing robust yet simple solutions that allow our customers to largely manage their building automation systems in-house.

Need Help Determining the Life Cycle Cost Of A Building Automation System?​