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Scott Holstein

5 Virus Mitigation Strategies using your Building Automation System

The pandemic that is COVID-19 is causing a paradigm shift in the way building automation systems are operated and the priority of their primary functions. As people return to facilities where they live, work, learn, and play, building automation systems can help mitigate virus transmission and make people feel safer in buildings. How? Read on to find out…

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Computrols | Building Automation Systems | HVAC Controls | Indoor Air Quality | COVID-19
Scott Holstein

Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

With all that has changed in the world over the last 2 months, we are all trying to manage how we return to the “new normal” that has been created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although facility managers and their service partners have always been in a position to ensure building occupants’ health and safety, this challenge has become all that much more difficult.

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Covid-19 Update March 2020 | Computrols
Computrols News
Scott Holstein

COVID-19 Update, March 2020

As we all continue to plan accordingly around the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19, we wanted to take this moment to tell you how Computrols is handling our business operations during this pandemic.

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The Computrols Difference

Simply put, Computrols provides the most economical-to-own building automation solution on the market today. We empower our users by providing robust yet simple solutions that allow our customers to largely manage their building automation systems in-house.

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