George’s CBAS Tips, January 2022

Priority Summary and Automation

Automation is the purpose of Computrols Building Automation System (CBAS). It’s there to make sure that on a daily basis you don’t have to be deciding what pieces of equipment should be running and when. This includes the VAV’S, AHU’s Chillers, Boilers, and Pumps that are often automated within a Building Automation System. Automation uses Schedules, Logic and PIDS to achieve this goal by looking at conditions and commanding Outputs to keep the equipment running when it needs to. The “priority” column shows how the point has been commanded. 

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Analog Signals: Milliamps vs. Voltage

In building automation system applications, the most common types of analog signals are milliamp and DC voltage.

DC voltage signals are most often measured using 0-10V signals, but we also sometimes see 0-5V or 2-10V. The reason for the popularity of the voltage signal is it is easy to troubleshoot and almost all controllers will accept this type of signal.

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Integrating Legacy Control Systems

If your facility currently has a legacy control system that needs upgrading but you don’t have the capital budget for a full retrofit, you are likely considering some form of building automation system integration. By integration, we are referring to an approach that would leverage some portion of your existing system while likely changing out some of the higher-level components such as the front-end software and/or parent-level controllers. Integration is a logical choice in this situation but before moving forward with this approach, there are some important elements that you should fully understand.

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Back at AHR

The AHR Expo is back in 2022 and so is Computrols! We are excited to once again be exhibiting at the HVAC industry’s premier event which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this coming January 31st to February 2nd. The event which was planned to be hosted in Chicago earlier this year was cancelled due to a rise in COVID-19 cases, so we are very much looking forward to seeing you again in 2022.

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George’s CBAS Tips, November 2021

The Hardware Report

In the last year, I wrote extensively about Reports but didn’t discuss the Hardware Report in detail. The Hardware Report in CBAS can be a useful tool in building automation, from troubleshooting to estimating. In many cases, technicians and engineers will print these reports for each controller and place them inside the panel containing the controller.

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CBAS Power User: Chad Bellanger – Building Engineer, Lakeway Center


My name is Chad Bellanger, and I am a member of the building engineering team at the Lakeway Center, which is a three-building Class-A office complex containing approximately 1.2 million square feet of space, located in Metairie, Louisiana.

My background consists of a decade of electrical work, in both industrial and commercial applications. I spent several years on multiple oil and gas production platforms and spent the remainder of my electrical career doing troubleshooting, repairs, and construction in and around the New Orleans area. I was hired by Lakeway as a maintenance tech in 2011, where I eventually worked my way up to the title of Engineer.

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