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New Products to come in 2020

2020 promises to be a very exciting year for Computrols. We will be introducing the single biggest suite of new products in the company’s history, which will fundamentally change the way that our clients work and interact with building systems. From new wireless hardware to cloud-based software and a mobile app, the Computrols user experience will be transformed for this coming decade and beyond. Let’s take a look…

CBAS.Live Logo for Dark Background

Classic Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) has established itself as an industry leader, offering powerful yet simple HVAC control, as well as integration to 3rd party systems and integration to other systems such as fire & life safety, smoke control, access control, and lighting. While CBAS will continue to serve large facilities on site, with the stability and maturity you’ve come to expect, CBAS.Live will augment these capabilities, bringing the CBAS family into the next decade.

Securely hosted off-site, CBAS.Live will showcase a host of modern features:

  • Building System Modeling
  • Model-Based Programming
  • Multi-Site Interface
  • Secure Off-Site Access
  • Continuous Off-Site Backup and Redundancy
  • Modern, Web-Accessible Graphics
  • Historical Charting with Aggregate and Analytical Data
CBAS Logo for Dark Background

The latest version of our classic on-site building automation system (BAS) interface, CBAS 20 not only supports all of the new products listed here but also has some great new features:

  • Uses only 1 Static IP on Client Network
  • CBAS.Live Capable
  • Wireless Capable
  • Mobile App Capable
  • New Color Scheme and Icons

Wireless HVAC Controls

2020 will see Computrols take its first steps in cutting the cord on classic HVAC controls. A host of new products allow CBAS users to free themselves from labor-intensive wire and conduit. 

We start with Wireless Versions of our Classic Controllers:

VAV-Wireless and Wireless Wall Display

VAV Controllers on a floor will use Wi-Fi to communicate with each other, and back to the mechanical room. These new VAV controllers individually and simultaneously utilize BlueTooth™ Low Energy (BLE) communications down to a battery-operated Wall Sensor–Temperature, Humidity, and user-friendly LCD and Buttons.


One small step for LX, one giant leap in labor reduction… LX-Wireless controllers bring you the same rugged and powerful control that you’ve grown to love but add Wi-Fi and BLE communications, Mobile App interface, one-touch configuration and more.

Additional wireless products will be forthcoming to expand our wireless ecosystem.

Computrols Mobile App

Destined to grow for years to come, the Computrols new Mobile App will serve as a single tool for engineers, technicians, employees and owners. Users begin by downloading the Computrols app for iPhone™ or Android™, then logging in. The features available to you will be based on you: the products you’ve purchased, your organization, your role in it, and your geographical location.