Wireless VAV + UNI Controller

UNI: The Next Generation

In our design process, we started with everything that we love about the UNI-B: a high-quality Belimo actuator motor, on-board pressure sensor, lots of I/O options, rugged design, and of course a lifetime warranty. We then gave this next generation controller what it needed to thrive in the coming decade: a larger and faster brain, multiple high-speed wireless radios, as well as a selection of new wireless sensors. The result is a Unitary Controller that offers more power and options than ever before.

Mobile App Configuration

As with all Computrols’ new wireless products, a single button press on the Wall Sensor reveals all of its options right on your smartphone. With the Computrols App: Configure, Program, Control, Test, and Balance. Interacting with your BAS has never been easier.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

The UNI-C uses BLE to wirelessly connect to our new line of Wall Sensors. BLE is an emerging IoT technology designed for the next generation of battery-operated sensors. BLE represents the best-in-class standard for exactly this type of application. Efficient, secure, and reliable … Sensor Connections are effortless with BLE on-board!

High Speed WiFi

For locally-powered wireless networking, nothing comes close to WiFi. As ubiquitous in modern buildings as indoor plumbing, the UNI-C leverages this staple of wireless communications as the high-speed on-ramp to the building automation network. Whether you connect through a Computrols Core Connector, or over an existing WiFi network, CBAS connections are easy with WiFi on-board!