Wireless Wall Sensors

Wireless Wall Sensors

The Wall Sensor comes with a variety of sensing capabilities including Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and VOC. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)—an emerging IoT technology—allows the Wall Sensor to be quickly located in even the most difficult places. Exterior walls, concrete, … No wires!

IAQ for a Healthier Building

There’s never been a better time to invest in Indoor Air Quality. Wall Sensor IAQ models provide both CO2 and VOC sensors. The value just keeps adding up: increase occupant comfort, save energy (through demand control ventilation), reduce liability. Because they’re wireless, adding IAQ Sensors when and where you need them couldn’t be easier.

Mobile App Configuration

As with all Computrols’ new wireless products, a single button press on the Wall Sensor reveals all of its options right on your smartphone. With the Computrols App: Configure, Program, Control, Test, and Balance. Interacting with your BAS has never been easier.

Long Battery Life

We leverage the latest battery and energy tech to guarantee 5 years of maintenance-free operation. Providing Low Battery notifications both at the Sensor and in the software, use these early warnings for convenient replacement and zero down-time.