Computrols + Tryg Group Partner in Colorado

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Building automation manufacturer, Computrols, has added a new authorized distribution partner in Tryg Group of Golden, CO. Tryg Group is now representing Computrols’ product lines across the state of Colorado, with a focus on the Greater Denver Area. 

Tryg Group, known for its critical facility design and construction management services, started its controls and mechanical division in January of 2019 and has not looked back. This new arm of the company has “taken off better than anyone could have expected,” according to company principal, Leif Rosenvold.

“Colorado, and in particular the Denver market, is an area we’ve been wanting to expand to for some time now,” said Computrols CEO, Drew Mire. “In a short time, we’ve been very impressed with their (Tryg Group’s) level of experience and commitment to excellence. We really believe we have found the right partner in Tryg Group and look forward to a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship.”

Tryg Group’s Caleb Dillon shared, “We feel like we are very well-aligned with Computrols in that we want to bring our customers the very best of everything. Computrols lifetime warranty speaks for itself, but the ability to integrate with third-party systems and the level of service we have seen thus far is unmatched in this industry. It’s been a lot of fun bringing this product to our customers and seeing their disbelief when we tell them about its capabilities.”


About Scott Holstein

Scott Holstein is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Computrols where he began working in early 2016. Holstein has since entrenched himself in the building automation industry and has written articles for the Computrols blog, ControlTrends, and and spoken at a number of industry events. Some of his specialties outside of sales and marketing include new technology trends in smart buildings, energy efficiency strategies, and the internet of things.