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Computrols Releases LX to Replace Flagship X-Line Controller


16-LX ControllerToday, Computrols announced the release of their latest and most advanced line of HVAC controllers to date. The new LX Controllers are designed to be drop-in replacements to Computrols’ classic X-Line and are 100% backward compatible. Offered in the same point count versions (8, 16, 32, and 64), these controllers introduce the next generation of technology. Besides a complete upgrade in computing power, these controllers provide better security, a flexible USB port, a cross-platform app for commission and checkout, as well as Computrols new WireCheck feature. WireCheck electrically probes all screw terminal connections before initiating control, avoiding costly mistakes during installation. And of course, the LX comes with Computrols’ industry-leading lifetime warranty that its’ clients have come to expect.
To help promote the release of this new product, for a limited time, Computrols will be running a controller buyback program. Under this program, customers that already own and use X-Line controllers can exchange their old controllers for a brand new LX Controller at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.
“The LX is the culmination of years of research and development”, said Computrols’ Director of Research & Development, Mike Donlon. “The LX leverages the technological advances that the IoT research of recent years has delivered. It’s been moving so fast, the LX we released today is actually the 4th generation product. Industry advances have been coming so quickly, we incorporated better technology in every prototype we did.”
The LX combines the best features of the X-Line such as 4-in-1 points (Universal I/O) and its 2 RS-485 ports for multiple communication protocols/integrations with a laundry list of new features.
In general, the “brain” behind LX is 100’s of times faster, but what does this mean for building control? Faster control loops, faster logic statements, faster input sampling, faster networking, and more points–both hardware and software–than ever before. The LX is capable of running entire channels full of VAV or 3rd party controls at high speed in standalone mode.
The high-speed USB 2.0 serial port also opens up a multitude of possibilities. Users can plug in a flash drive to download the database or even utilize this for a webcam, WiFi, or BlueTooth connection. This port, along with the board’s modern operating system, ensures this device is IoT ready.
Like its predecessor, the LX will also have a number of protocols built into the hardware for integration purposes. Computrols was one of the industry’s first integrators not only integrating with industry standard protocols but also with the proprietary protocols of third-party controls manufacturers.
Computrols designs, manufactures, and services state of the art building automation systems throughout North America. For over 30 years, Computrols has been a leader in the building automation industry, leveraging its intuitive software and hardware and the industry’s only lifetime warranty on everything the company manufactures. Computrols direct digital controllers are designed and manufactured in the USA and support a number of open and proprietary protocols, allowing for direct interfacing to third-party equipment. Today, Computrols solutions encompass HVAC control, lighting control, access control, and fire alarm, all of which can be managed from Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS).
For more information on the LX Controller and all Computrols’ products, please visit or call 504-529-1413.

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