Computrols Partners with Mechanical Temp in Michigan

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Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Brain Estes and his team at Mechanical Temp have been providing repairs and maintenance on HVAC and refrigeration systems for the past 9 years. Brian himself has been working in HVAC and refrigeration for over 19 years serving South Eastern Detroit, Northern Ohio, and Western Michigan.

Mechanical Temp’s customer base includes retail, office, small industrial, municipal, and healthcare facilities, and in recent years, Brian has found many of them in need of control systems. This is what led him and his team to researching various controls suppliers, including Computrols.

Brain explains, “Our customers were starting to complain, about maintenance costs and service charges that were not explained upfront. They were constantly asking us for ways to help, but at the time, I couldn’t offer a solution, so we started researching what it would take to start a controls division and what products were available.”

What attracted Brian to Computrols was the comprehensive training and support, lifetime warranty, and ability to integrate with third-party systems. With an aim to help his customers escape their current maintenance contracts and forced upgrades, Computrols checked all of his boxes. To ensure the success of this new division, Brian has dedicated three employees to growing this side of the business.

Brian says, “The lifetime warranty will be a game-changer for our customers. It’s unheard of here. The ability for us to easily program sequences for our customers’ automation systems and the user-friendly software will enable us to offer a high-end product to our customers that will save them a lot of money and improve their interaction with their BAS. We can not wait to get started. There are two projects we are already looking towards to incorporate Computrols, one of which will combine refrigeration control and lighting control. This is something that we were unable to do just a few short weeks ago.” 

Aside from his new controls division, Brian is expecting his mechanical service arm of the business to continue to grow this coming year and in addition to HVAC and lighting controls, Brian is eager to try his hand at Computrols access control system as well.

Mike Clayton, Computrols Manager of Strategic Partnerships, added, “We are thrilled that Brian and his team have partnered with Computrols. We are looking forward to some exciting projects together in the coming months.”


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