Founder Roy Lynch originally set the values and philosophies found throughout the company. He still interacts with and inspires team members in all departments. From engineering design meetings to training for sales and service, these core values are instilled in the Computrols culture:


The most important value that is echoed throughout the entire Computrols culture is simplicity. This is true for product designers as well as installers and service technicians.
Automating, controlling and communicating with large complex building systems is innately very complicated. And after team members work on such a complex system for a long time, it is counterintuitive for them to reduce this work into a single simplistic interface. But that’s exactly what we do. We can never forget that simplicity is the primary purpose of our products; simplifying these systems for building owners and managers. It is our job to free them from the responsibility of dealing directly with this complexity. Simplicity as a core value is reinforced in our culture every day.

Technological Advancement

Computrols was the first company to run large facilities with a PC back in the 1980s. We were the 1st company to communicate with HVAC equipment controllers using Ethernet and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). We continue to exploit the latest available technology in our building automation products today. So whatever technology we can tap to make a product easier to install, more cost effective, or function more effectively, it is our mission to bring these technologies to market. We instill this value, not only in product designers, but in installers and service techs as well. We provide ongoing training and support to ensure that the latest product developments make it all the down into customer facilities as soon as they are available.

Quality Service

Although it would seem that quality service would be a core value for any company, I think we can all agree that today it is not. Computrols started as a service company and this core value has always driven the company. It is a requirement for almost every job position at Computrols that they spend time in the field. That is, in a building installing and servicing our products. Software engineers, sales representatives, hardware designers and customer service representatives all learn first from the people on the front lines. These are the people who understand quality service and what it means to our clients. This is what we do. If employees can’t see and understand what Computrols quality service is first hand, they will not be successful. Quality service as a core value resonates in everything we do.