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Each product has it own set of supporting documents for an easy and quick reference guide to troubleshooting or installing Computrols products and systems. View online manuals, get the latest downloads and how-to-videos here. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 504.529.1413.

CBAS Software Support

Manuals, CBAS Starter Kit, CBAS Drivers and Servers
Computrols CBAS Manual (7.9 MB)
User manual for CBAS (Computrols Building Automation System) Software.

Computrols-Automation-Server.pdf (129 kb)
Building automation systems for large facilities require high-reliability, redundancy, and must be easy to service both quickly and accurately. Computrols Automation Servers deliver.

CBAS Datasheet.pdf (372 kb)
CBAS, the simplest building automation system software to install, program, maintain, and operate. CBAS software is capable of seamlessly integrating with various manufacturers’ field controllers.

CBAS-Web.pdf (329 kb)
CBAS-Web is building automation via the Internet. This is Computrols’ premier web-enabled building automation product.

CBAS Web Server.pdf (284 kb)
CBAS Web Server is easy to install and gives tenants the power to schedule overtime periods on their own, freeing up engineering personnel.

CBAS-Web-Accounting-Module.pdf (116 kb)
The CBAS-Web Accounting Module provides a complete invoicing solution for CBAS-Web.

CBAS-Mobile.pdf (448 kb)
CBAS-Mobile has the power to monitor and control your building from a truly mobile web-enabled device. Whether a cell phone or PDA, you have the instant access you need no matter your schedule.

CBAS-Innovations.pdf (514 kb)
This three-page overview of CBAS features shows you first hand several popular features in CBAS via screen captures of the actual software being used.

Computrols-CBAS-Web-Manual.pdf (2.3 MB)
Official user manual for CBAS-Web. Also features the CBAS-Mobile user manual.

CBAS-Hot-Keys.pdf (183 kb)
Hot Keys for CBAS Graphics

CBAS_Network_Architecture.pdf (151 kb)

CBAS-Starter-Kit.pdf (438 kb)
The CBAS Starter Kit is a self-contained portable platform available to Computrols Distributors for the purpose of showcasing the technology available in the Computrols Internet Appliance line of Direct Digital Controllers.

CBAS-Sequencer.pdf (768 kb)
A sequencer takes several binary points and combines them into a single continuous analog output. This feature can be found on the Point Program Screen of a Software Analog Output Setpoint in CBAS.

CBAS-Email-Alarm-Editor.pdf (560 kb)
Included to accommodate CBAS systems that have high-speed Internet service instead of dialup service, you can now send an email rather than just a page. The email message that is sent includes the name of the point and the status of that point. Read this document to see how.

CBAS-and-Veris-Hawkeye.pdf (67 kb)
Many building management companies are interested in monitoring energy usage, either for tenant spaces or for the entire building. Monitoring can be included in their CBAS system through the use of Veris Hawkeye meters.

Modbus-Manual-4-16-15.pdf (464 kb)
With the CBAS Modbus RTU interface, you can communicate (monitor and command) with any manufacturer’s equipment.

BACnet Programming in CBAS.pdf (38 kb)
Learn how to program third party BACnet controllers in CBAS.

CBAS Graphics

Visio Graphics Library (ZIP archive, 6.41 MB)
A basic Microsoft Visio library of HVAC stencils for CBAS application.

CBAS Basic Animations (ZIP archive, 380 kb)
A library of basic HVAC animations for CBAS.

HVAC Controller Support


64-LX-Datasheet.pdf (715 kb)
The 64-LX provides the best solution for largest air handlers and other equipment requiring up to 64 points.

32-LX-Datasheet.pdf (715 kb)
The 32-LX provides the best solution for large air handlers and other equipment requiring up to 32 points.

16-LX-Datasheet.pdf (737 kb)
The 16-LX provides the best solution for medium air handlers and other equipment requiring up to 16 points.

8-LX-Datasheet.pdf (715 kb)
The 8-LX provides the best solution for smaller air handlers and other equipment requiring up to 8 points.

LX-Comparison-Chart.pdf (1.1 MB)
Download a comparison of the features of our X-Line controllers to our newer LX-Line.

Computrols SI-S3 Stat Interface Board.pdf (115 kb)

Manuals & Support Documents

Computrols CBAS Manual (7.9 MB)
User manual for CBAS (Computrols Building Automation System) Software.

Forwarding a Router User Manual (451 kb)

4-20mA Device Wiring Diagram (247 kb)

MN-S3 Stat to 8X Wiring (2.6 MB)

VAV-B Programming Manual (2.5 MB)

VAV-B Support Package (ZIP, 24.2 MB)

Relay Board Support


Binary-Boarddatasheet.pdf (234 kb)

Access Control Support

Manuals and Support Documents

Computrols-Access-Control-Manual.pdf (1.8 MB)


AC-3-Access-Controller.pdf (490 kb)
Computrols’ AC-3 Access Controller

AC-5-Controller_datasheet.pdf (293 kb)
Computrols’ AC-5 Access Controller

Relay-Accessories.pdf (90 kb)
Accessories for Idec relay.

Fire Alarm Support

Manuals and Support Documents

CSimon-Fire-System.pdf (138 kb)
The CSimon Fire System provides integrated fire safety solutions for most any building and application.

Computrols-CSimon-Manual.pdf (4.7 MB)
User manual for Computrols’ CSimon Fire Protection System.

10-Story-Retrofit.pdf (422 kb)
A typical retrofit installation with Computrols equipment including all Automation and fire controls.

15-Story-Building-Topology.pdf (457 kb)
An example of a CSimon Fire Panel installation for a 15 Story building.

Campus-Topology.pdf (401 kb)
An example of a CSimon Fire Panel installation in a multi-building scenario.