CSI I/NET Interfacing

The Computrols I/NET Interface is a full-featured, professionally engineered interface from a Computrols Building Automation System (CBAS) to a CSI I/NET automation and access control system. This fast and easy to use interface provides full access to all points in an I/NET 2000 or I/NET Seven system. Designed and built in our USA-based production facility, the interface has been fully tested with all CSI controller LAN controllers. With our unique time-saving import feature, over 1,000 points can be imported in under a minute, and 8,000 access control cards can be imported in under 30 seconds.



Existing I/NET Installation

CSI before

Existing I/NET Installation with CBAS Interface

CSI after

Product Highlights

  • Support for controller LAN controllers 7716, 7718, 7793, 7920
  • (VAV trunks), 7798, 7780 (lighting), 7760 (access), and 7728
  • Occupies one controller LAN address (similar to a TAP)
  • Display and control all CSI points
  • Display and set point flags (Test, Manual, Old, Alarm Inhibit)
  • CSI Activity View simulates I/NET AMT in CBAS
  • All I/NET messages and alarms are stored in CBAS History
  • Retain I/NET point programming or program from CBAS
  • Full integration of I/NET SQL database for Access Control
  • Includes diagnostic LEDs for Rx/Tx and LAN reconfigure
  • Includes LAN MON diagnostics that display controller LAN traffic