Energy Production

Campus Overview

Incremental improvements to our energy production.

Current Situation

Coal fired steam plant at the Health Science Campus.

There are a variety of issues surrounding coal fired energy plants. Coal is the largest source of man-made mercury pollution. Mercury can interfere with brain and neurological development. In adults, pollution from coal can cause asthma, black lung, and premature death. Coal is also the largest single source of CO² emissions, which has been linked to Global Warming.


State-of-the-art natural gas fired steam plant located in the Savage Arena.

This facility was recently built to fill the heating needs of the main University of Toledo campus. Natural gas, while still a fossil fuel, is considerably better for the environment than coal. In conjunction with Computrols' control systems, this plant uses 1/3 less floor space and can still generate up to 120,000 pounds of steam per hour.


Fetterman Practice Facility utilizing high-efficiency geothermal heating and cooling.

The Department of Energy (DOE) applauds geothermal systems as being among the most environmentally responsible heating/cooling systems available today. The high efficiency of geothermal systems helps reduce the requirement for utilities to burn fossil fuels, which decreases CO² emissions.

Geothermal systems require minimal maintenance once installed, and they are 300-500% more efficient than using electrical resistance heat and 20-30% more efficient than typical boiler/tower systems.