CBAS Starter Kit

CBAS-Starter-KitThere’s no easier way to introduce yourself to Computrols building automation technology than with the Computrols Starter Kit. And of course, it’s simple – it’s Computrols! We pride ourselves on developing the simplest hardware and software in the industry. Computrols even offers something no other control manufacturer can: A lifetime warranty on DDC controls.

Contact Computrols today to request your Starter Kit and step up to the simplest, most flexible, and most powerful system in the industry.

Starter Kit Components


Two Computrols Binders
Each binder includes a Computrols company profile, EMS Hardware, EMS Software, Web Applications, EMS Architecture, Lifetime Warranty information, Corporate Portfolio, and Dealer Program information.

Manuals & Datasheets
CBAS Manual (8.2 MB)
Starter Kit Manual (319 kb)
8X Datasheet (702 kb)
Hand Held Terminal (HHT) Datasheet (132 kb)

Laptop Computer
15″ laptop. Model may vary

Laptop Case
Black nylon computer case for a 15″ laptop.

Computrols 8X DDC Controller
For applications requiring 8 points or less, our 8X controller is the right choice.

Computrols HHT (Hand-Held Terminal) Operation
The HHT is a hand held interface used to view and change data on compatible Computrols controllers. Its rugged design and light weight make it perfect for industrial environments.

Two decimal rotary switches (0-9) allow simple addressing – no hex, no binary. Removable terminal screws allow for quick replacement. Supports 10K Type III thermistors or a selection of digital display wall stats.

ST-R3 Thermistor Temp Sensor
Raw 10k encapsulated thermistor @ 77°F (25°C), Type III (gray leads).

VMD2B-F24D Relay
24VDC relay by Veris. High-switching capacity. DIN rail, surface, panel & PCB type sockets.

Belimo Actuator
Model LMB24-SR. Proportional Control, Non-Spring Return, Direct Coupled, 24V, for 2 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA.

MN-S3 700
The I/A Series MicroNet Sensors (MN-SX series) are a family of digital wall temperature sensors for use with I/A Series MicroNet controllers. Using the digital wall sensor, the operator can monitor performance and edit operational settings.

Crossover Cable
7ft. Ethernet cable used to connect computing devices together directly.

Power Supply
24 volts AC.