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7 Tips for Selecting a Building Automation System

Arthur in a crawlspaceRecently, FacilitiesNet published the article titled “7 Tips For Selecting a Building Automation System.” The piece walks readers through considerations that they should take into account when replacing their current BAS, including how facility managers will interact with the system. We found the article to be helpful and related to our own recommendations. Below, we have addressed each of their recommendations from Computrols’ perspective.

1. People are more important than technology. Buy-in from the operating engineers is crucial to a successful upgrade. It’s important to involve operating engineers in the selection, design, and installation of the new BAS. Ideally, bringing the engineer to visit buildings with the prospective BAS installed will allow them to demo it first hand, without the manufacturer or installation contractor present. Continue reading 7 Tips for Selecting a Building Automation System


Custom LED Controls Shed New Light on The Future of Office Illumination

A set of custom-made, surface-mounted LED lights have recently been installed in Computrols’ new manufacturing facility in Gretna, LA. At first glance, these lights seem more or less ordinary, but below the surface lies massive potential – the ability to learn. While the concept of adaptive lighting is not exactly revolutionary, the efficiency in which it is employed is rapidly advancing. Continue reading Custom LED Controls Shed New Light on The Future of Office Illumination


Computrols Year in Review

2016 was a landmark year for Computrols in many ways. We purchased a new facility for our headquarters and manufacturing, provided our customers with incredible energy savings, added new distribution partners, and a number of other noteworthy achievements. In case you missed it, here is a quick look back at this past year. Continue reading Computrols Year in Review


Computrols Partners with New Dealer, F.E. Moran

F.E. MoranComputrols, a leader in the building automation industry, has officially brought on a new dealer in F.E. Moran, Mechanical Services (MMS). F.E. Moran has been providing HVAC services to the greater Chicago area for over 20 years. They install, maintain, and repair complex HVAC and building automation systems for commercial facilities, industrial facilities, and institutional properties. Together, F.E. Moran Mechanical Services and Computrols are providing a streamlined, energy efficient HVAC solution for all types of facilities. Continue reading Computrols Partners with New Dealer, F.E. Moran


Energy Analysis Solutions

Energy Analysis
Buildings rarely perform as initially intended, resulting in energy use that is higher than anticipated. To resolve this inherent problem, retro-commissioning, performance contracting, and facility IoT analytics have all emerged to capture market share. In practice, energy efficiency in buildings is achieved through the balanced combination of design concepts, applied technologies, and operational strategies. These work together to reduce the consumption of energy. Continue reading Energy Analysis Solutions


Automate | Computrols Newsletter, Nov. 2015

Nov 2015 NewsletterEditor’s Note
Welcome to Computrols’ Automate. Automate is a free newsletter dedicated to bringing you the latest in building automation technology with a focus on Computrols Building Automation Systems and products. Our goal is to provide continuing education to our readers in the field of Building Automation and to inform readers of product releases. Continue reading Automate | Computrols Newsletter, Nov. 2015


Automate | Computrols Newsletter, Sep. 2014

Sep 2014 NewsletterEditor’s Note
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Automate, the Computrols newsletter designed to bring you the latest information on Computrols’ building automation technology. Automate will be published multiple times throughout the year and will provide insight and education on Computrols’ technologies, projects, and many other exciting topics. Continue reading Automate | Computrols Newsletter, Sep. 2014